Xerox Accounting

Account Codes

Your account code is your personal code for copying and printing to the Xerox printers.  Please do not share your code with other staff members.  If you have any difficulties, please contact the Tech Department.
To request a code, click here.


1: To use a Xerox copier in accounting mode, you must login to the Xerox using your 4 digit account code that you selected.  Please follow the instructions below to user the copier with your account code.
Main Screen
2: To start a copy job, press one of the options (Copy, Email).  The accounting login screen will be displayed:
Accounting Login
3: Using the touch screen or keypad below the screen, enter your 4 digit accounting code.  The code will display as " * " in the field (1).  After entering your code, touch the "Enter" button (2).
Login Completed
4: The icon in the upper right corner of the screen will change from a gray "Guest" box  to a green box with your username.
5: Proceed to run your copy job as usual
6: When you are finished, press the green button with your username on it in the upper right corner of the screen.  Then select the "Log Out" button from the menu.
7: The system will ask you to confirm your logout.  Press "Logout"
8: When you have completed the logout from the system.  The box in the upper right corner will return to a grey "Guest" status.


1: To print to the Xerox printer with an accounting code, please follow these instructions
2: Choose the print option from the menu in the program you wish to print from.
3: Select the Xerox printer from your list of printers.
4: Set your options for your print job and then select "Print".
5: A box will pop up requesting your "User ID" and "Account Type".  For the User ID enter your 4 digit code.  The Account Type should always be Default Group Account (you shouldn't need to change this ever).  Then, press Ok to submit your job.
6: The system should remember your code for future use.