Secure Printing

If you want to print something to the Xerox machine of confidential matter and want to be sure you are the only one to pick it up – here is the way to do it.

To print a document securely

  1. Open the document that you wush to print securely.
  2. Select File - Print
  3. Select the Xerox Printer from the pulldown menu
  4. Select Preferences (may be Properties depending on the application)
  5. Change Job Type from Normal Print to Secure Print
  6. Click Ok
  7. When prompted, enter a 4-10 digit (numbers only) passcode twice (Pick a passcode you will remember)
  8. Click Ok to send the secure job to the printer
The print job will be sent to the printer but it will not print until you physically visit the printer and authorize the job to print. 

Retrieving a print job

  1. Go to Xerox machine when ready
  2. Click on the Job Status button on the control panel
  3. Your will see your print job listed as held in the Job Status list
  4. Select the print job by touching it on the screen
  5. Touch the release button on the sidebar
  6. Enter your passcode with number buttons on the keypad
  7. Select Enter and your print job will print
  8. Press the Features button on panel to return machine to normal use