All staff and student computers are set to print to a default black and white printer closest to the location of the room. Currently, only one color printer is available in each building. Color printer cartridges are costly and therefore printing costs are higher than black ink printing. Please use the color printers sparingly. Use the guidelines listed below when printing documents. PLEASE NOTE: when a document fails to print, please contact your tech team. Sending the document repeatedly to the printer causes a printer backup. If the document failed to print once, there is generally a tech issue; sending it again will not result in a printed document. If you have any questions regarding printers or printing please contact the tech team.

Staff Printing

Whenever possible, especially for draft copies of a document please use the black and white printer. Do not send more than 5 copies of the same page to the copier; the Xerox machine is much more efficient in ink use. Copies of any Microsoft application, (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) can be sent to the printer. Always use print preview to verify the correct information will be printed. Contact your tech team if you don’t know how to use this feature.

Internet pictures and text should be copied and pasted into a Word document to reduce the amount of ink used when printing. Simply choosing the print command from an Internet page often result in unneeded pages, and therefore wasted ink.

Digital camera pictures may be printed in moderation. All printed pictures should have educational value. These can be cropped and resized to focus on the specific part of the picture needed and eliminate ink waste. Please contact the technology team if specific instruction is needed in this area.

The color printer should only be used for text or pictures when it will add interest or enhance the students’ understanding of the document. Whenever possible, documents should then be laminated for repeated use.

Please be sensitive to the fact that excessive color printing is disruptive and may interfere with computer class instruction. This is especially true in the Central building, as the printer is located in the lab itself. Occasionally, color printing is an integral part of the day’s instruction. When color printing is needed, please demonstrate professionalism and contact the lab instructors to make certain classroom curriculum time will not interrupted. Printers are most favorable for use before or after student hours.

Secure Printing

The Xerox printers in both buildings are capable of securely printing a document.  This allows you to print a document and assign a passcode to the print job.  The print job will not print out until you enter the code on the printer's console screen.  This prevents unauthorized access to printed documents.  For instructions on how to use this feature, click here.

Personal Printing

District printers are not to be used for personal copies at any time.

Student Printing

Students should NEVER send a document to any printer without prior staff permission. Teachers are responsible for all printing that comes from the classroom. Preview the document with the student to be sure it is set up correctly. Only final copies should be sent to the color printer, draft copies should go to the default black and white printer.

Students should be instructed to copy and paste pictures and text from Internet sites into a Word document and previewed to eliminate blank pages and wasted ink.

Students may pickup printed copies from the black and white printer ONLY. They are never allowed to pickup color copies.