About Netstorage

NetStorage allows access to network files from outside of the building using your Internet browser. From your browser, you can:

  • Upload Files – An uploaded file is a file sent from your personal computer to the school’s servers.
  • Download Files – A downloaded file is a file received from the school’s servers to your personal computer.
  • Move Files – Moving files allows you to move the file to a different folder
  • Rename Files – Allows you to rename a file
  • Delete Files – Allows you to permanently delete files



To access Winfield’s NetStorage, visit the following address in your internet browser:

You will be prompted with a login screen. Enter your Winfield network username in the User Name field, and enter your Winfield network password in the Password field. Then press OK.


Main Menu

This is the main NetStorage Screen The screen is organized in to 3 main sections. The top section displays two buttons and your login information. The “door” button will log you out from the NetStorage system and the “Paper” button will change the view to a text only version of NetStorage.

The left section of the screen is the folder navigation pane. This pane displays your Drives and Folders. Your personal folder (The “F” drive) is displayed as “Home@D34”. The shared folders are displayed as “DriveG@VOL1”. Folders can be opened by either clicking on the [+] next to the name of by double clicking the folder name.

The right section of the screen if the file pane. This screen displays all of the files and folders contained in the folder that is selected in the navigation pane. This pane also displays file sizes and last modified dates. If there are more than 25 files and folders in the current folder, NetStorage will only display the first 25 and place small slider at the bottom of this pane. To see the next click the right arrow. To go back to the previous 25 items, click the left arrow.


Viewing a file

To view a file, simply double click it. If you would like to download, delete, rename, copy or move the file, right-click the file and choose the option from the menu.


  • Delete – If you select delete, a confirmation box will ask you if you are sure about the deletion. Press OK to delete or Cancel to quit.
  • Rename – When selected, the text of the file will be highlighted. Just enter the new name then press enter.
  • Download for Viewing – This will prompt you to save the file to your computer. This is good if you would like to edit the file and send it back to the server when you are finished.
  • Copy – This will prompt you to select another folder for the copy. Once the new folder is selected, press the “Paste” button to create the copy of the file.
  • Move – This will prompt you to select another destination folder for the original file. Once the destination folder is selected, press the “Paste” button to move the file.

Uploading a file

Once a file has been downloaded for viewing, it is located on your personal computer and you may make changes to it. New or edited files may be placed back on the server by selecting “Upload” from the File menu located above the list of files.


A new window will open. Select the file you wish you send to the server by pressing the browse button. Once selected, press the upload button to send the file to the server. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take awhile. Also, if you have a pop-up blocker on your web browser, you may need to disable it for the upload function to work.


Contact the Tech Department

As always, if you have any questions about NetStorage or any other technical issues, please feel free to contact the Tech Department at x3434.