Groupwise Interface

The Main GroupWise Screen

When you open the GroupWise application, the main GroupWise screen will appear. You can access all the GroupWise features from with this screen. These include your mail folders, calendar and contacts.

The main GroupWise screen has 6 principal areas:

Main menu Contains the main menu items for GroupWise.
Navigation Bar Lets you navigate between items in your folder list. It is customisable.
Toolbar Contains shortcut buttons to commonly used actions.
Folder List A list of folders that contains your mail items, calendar and contacts.
Items Area The contents of the selected folder in the Folder List will be displayed here.
Summary Shows information relating to the number of mail messages. Can be customised to show different information.

The Home View

The Home View allows you to view any information contained in GroupWise through one window. By default, when you select the Home View, you will see your calendar for the day, your checklist items, and any unread messages in your mailbox. The Home View uses panels to display various content. These panels can be customised to display information in a manner that suits you.

The Folder List and Items Area

The Folder List contains the folders used to organise and hold your messages, contacts and calendar items. The Items Area displays the individual items selected in the Folder List. For example, Calendar items if your Calendar has been selected, or Mail items if you selected your Mailbox. The Folder List and Items Area are directly linked to each other. To view items in a folder, select the folder in the Folder List and the items in that folder will appear in the Items Area.

There are 9 default folders listed in the Folder List:

Folder name Description
Mailbox Displays the messages that you have received.
Sent Items Displays the messages that you have sent, and allows you to obtain the status of these messages.
Calendar Displays your calendar, which stores information about your appointments, notes and tasks.
Contacts Displays your personal contacts.
Documents This feature will not be used.
Checklist Displays a list of items that you have marked for attention.
Work in Progress Displays draft messages.
Cabinet Displays the messages that you have filed for storage.
Trash Displays the items that you have deleted.

Navigating Within GroupWise

GroupWise works in a similar way to other Windows-based applications. It contains drop-down menus, scrollbars, and minimise, maximise and close buttons. You will often find that there is more than one method of accomplishing a given task. For example, to create a new mail message, you can:

1. Either click File | New | Mail,
Press CTRL+M,
Click the New Mail button on the toolbar.

2. The Mail To window opens.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar is a row of buttons under the Main Menu and Navigation Bar. These buttons are used as shortcuts to activate options that are hidden within the menus. By using the Toolbar you can access the features that you use most often. The Toolbar can be customised by adding and removing buttons.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of the options in the drop-down menus can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to perform certain tasks without using the mouse. If a menu command has a keyboard shortcut associated with it, the key combination will be listed next to the command in the drop-down menu.



When you access different areas in GroupWise you can right-click on an item. A menu opens listing the actions that can be performed on that item.