Novell Groupwise

Groupwise is our email system.

Accessing your E-Mail

At School

Groupwise Quick Tutorial

When at school, you can start Groupwise by either:

  • Clicking on the Desktop Icon
  • Click on the Groupwise icon in the Application Launcher.
  • Right-Click on the Groupwise notification icon in the system tray and choose ‘Read Mail’

The Interface
The Basics
Personal Calendaring
Group Calendaring
Resource Reservation
Address Books
Folder Management


From Home

Groupwise Webmail Tutorial

To access your E-Mail from home, click the following address to go to the webmail page:

Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks are show using the Client version of the software. If you would like help with these features on Webmail, please contact the Tech Department.

Add contacts to your address book
Add a group to your address book
Create personal folders
View email messages as HTML by default
Remove old contacts from Frequent Contacts Address Book