Phone Menu

You phone has a few menu options that will be explained below. To the right of the LCD screen, there are two arrow buttons. Below the LCD screen are 3 buttons. From left to right they are “Select”, “Back”, and “Exit”. You will need to use these buttons for the following features.

Note: When you use the menu, your phone is “Off hook”. If you do not make a call from the menu, be sure to press the “Exit” key when you are done or pick up the handset and put it back down. You will know when you are out of the menu system when you see the time and date on the LCD screen.

Call Logs

  • Press an arrow button to access the menu.
  • Navigate with the up and down arrows until the cursor “>” is next to “Call Logs” and press the “Select” Key
  • Call Logs Sub Menu – The system maintains 3 logs for your phone, select the log you wish to view and press “Select”. Calls are listed in order from newest to oldest as you navigate down. To redial one of these calls, press the “Select” Key. Each log holds the last 50 recent calls.
    • Missed Calls – These are the calls that you didn’t answer.
    • Answered Calls – These are the calls that you answered.
    • Dialed Calls – These are the last 50 calls dialed from your telephone.


This list will display all Winfield staff in alphabetical order. You may quickly jump to a letter by using the corresponding letters on your phone keypad. For example, to jump to the W’s, press the 9 key. To jump to the H’s, press the 4 key twice. Then use the up and down arrows to highlight the person you would like to call and press select.

Personal Speed Dials

This will list your personal speed dials in alphabetical order. To quickly navigate use the same process as the Directory above.