Network Access

Your phone system account can be managed from your computer.


  1. From the Winfield Home Page, login and select Phone System from the side menu, or, enter in your web browser (only available internal and cannot be done from home)
  2. Click the “User” button
  3. Enter your extension in the “User Name” field
  4. Enter your voicemail PIN in the “Password” field

User Information

  • Current voice mail messages and caller ID information are listed on this page.
  • Different Sections of the user interface are categorized in tabs across the top of the window.
  • Sub section options are displayed along the left side of the screen.
  • To listen to a voicemail message on your computer, highlight a message and click “listen”
  • To delete a voicemail message from your computer, highlight a message and click “delete”

Call Permissions

Displays what type of calls you can or cannot do.

Call Forward

Sends your calls to another phone / number / menu. Normally after 4 rings a call will be forwarded to your voicemail box.

  • To change the number of rings before forwarding, Click the corresponding radio button and apply the changes.
  • To change the destination, select the destination and apply the change
  • Forward Call to Voicemail – Sends the call to your voicemail box
  • Forward call to Auto Attendant – NOT RECOMMENDED
  • Forward call to phone number – Enter the number of the extension where you would like calls to your phone redirected. External phone numbers are possible but you need to use a “9” as if you were dialing the number yourself.
  • Disconnect (no coverage) – NOT RECOMMENDED

Feature Settings

Displays a status of current features enabled on your phone. To use a feature code, pick up the handset, press the feature button, and enter the 3 digit feature code.

  • 889 – Disables caller ID on your phone. DO NOT ENABLE THIS. If enabled emergency services would not know where your call is coming from.
  • 446 – Do Not Disturb – Prevents your phone from ringing. All calls to your phone go directly to your forwarding point (Normally your voicemail box)
  • 440 – Forward All Calls to Voicemail – This works almost like Do Not Disturb. Calls to your phone will ring for only 1 second the forward the call to voicemail. Your phone will indicate if you are in this mode by displaying “FWD” on the LCD screen.
  • 432 – Lock/Unlock Telephone – Prevents phone usage without unlocking the phone. Emergency calls are not blocked.
Other Feature Codes
  • 890 – Disable Caller ID for the Next Call only. Use this instead of the 889 code above. The next call you make will have the caller ID information hidden.
  • 441 – Transfer a caller directly in to another person’s voicemail box. While on a call, press feature 441, then dial another person’s 4 digit extension, then hang up.
  • 401 – Redial – Redials the last number called
  • 104 – Speaker – Allows you to listen to a call through the speaker. Enter the code, then hang up the handset and you can hear the conversation.
  • 601-699 – Personal Speed Dials – Dial a personal speed dial. See below for how to setup speed dials.

Speed Dials

  • Personal – Displays a list of your personal speed dials

Adding a Personal Speed Dial

  • Highlight the speed dial entry you wish to change
  • “Destination Number” – Enter the number you wish to dial. Use a “9” if the destination is outside the building
  • “Comment” – Description of the speed dial
  • Click Apply to save

Remove a Personal Speed Dial

  • Highlight a speed dial entry then click Remove

Print Speed Dial List

  • Click the printer icon next to the Remove button.
  • A page will open with all of your speed dials listed
  • Click print button

Using A Speed Dial

  • Pick up the handset
  • Press Feature
  • Enter 3 digit (6##) number

Ringer Tones

  • You can listen to samples of the ringer tones by clicking on the “Tone 1” through “Tone 9” buttons.
  • To set the tone, change the “Ringer Tone Setting” pulldown menu to the desired tone.

NBX Messaging

Change Voicemail PIN

  • Press the “Change Password” button
  • Enter your current password in the “Current Password” field
  • Enter your new password in the “New Password” field
  • Retype your new password in the “Re-type New Password” field
  • Press apply
  • The next option you select will ask you to reenter your extension and password

Off Site Notification

This section allows you to be notified when you receive a voicemail message

  • Enabled – Check this box to enable this feature, uncheck to disable
  • Urgent Messages Only – Check this box to only notify you when messages are marked urgent, Uncheck to disable.
  • Notification List – Displays the 5 possible attempts to notify you. You do not need to use them all. Attempt 1 will occur immediately after the message created. Attempt 2 will occur after the specified interval in attempt 1…and so on. The system will stop notifications after you access your voicemail.
  • Method
  • Email – This will send a copy of each new voicemail message to your email. This will only work for Winfield addresses. Enter your full email address in the “Number/Address” field.
  • Page – This will send a page to a pager. Enter the pager number in the “Number/Address” field (use “9” then pager number) and enter the number you want displayed on the pager in the “Numeric Page” field.
  • Voicemail – The voicemail system will call the number specified (in the “Number/Address” field and prompt you to enter your pin. Do not use this option with destination numbers that have answering machines or voicemail boxes.