Feature Codes

To use a feature code, pick up the handset, press the feature button, and enter the 3 digit feature code.

432 – Lock/Unlock Telephone – Prevents phone usage without unlocking the phone. Emergency calls are not blocked.

440 – Forward All Calls to Voicemail – This works almost like Do Not Disturb. Calls to your phone will ring for only 1 second the forward the call to voicemail. Your phone will indicate if you are in this mode by displaying “FWD” on the LCD screen.

441 – Transfer a caller directly in to another person’s voicemail box. While on a call, press feature 441, then dial another person’s 4 digit extension, then hang up.

446 – Do Not Disturb – Prevents your phone from ringing. All calls to your phone go directly to your forwarding point (Normally your voicemail box)

889 – DO NOT USE THIS.  Disables caller ID on your phone.  If enabled emergency services would not know where your call is coming from.

890 – Disable Caller ID for the Next Call only. Use this instead of the 889 code above. The next call you make will have the caller ID information hidden.

601-699 – Personal Speed Dials – Dial a personal speed dial. See below for how to setup speed dials.