Office Templates

Office templates makes the creation of documents easier when the document you need to create is similar to a previously created document.  In the past, you may have copied and existing document, renamed it, and then erased the sections you needed to change before editing the new document.  Templates eliminate this process and make creating similar documents easy.
The most common type of office template is a Form.  Except for the filled out sections, a form's field descriptions never change.  A form template allows you or the staff to quickly fill out the form's content without having to worry about the rest of the document's formatting or content.

Using A Template

Templates are stored in the shared files area in a folder called "Templates" (M:\Templates).  There are two ways to use a template:
  1. Using My Computer, open the Templates folder by opening the M Drive and select the Templates folder.  Find the template you would like to open and double-click it.  Microsoft Word will create a new document with the content from the template loaded automatically. 
  2. Or, open Microsoft Word and click File - New.  You may choose any of the default Office templates or to use a Winfield template, choose My Templates.  A window will open to your Personal Templates.  There are other tabs available such as Business Office Forms which group together templates with a common/related purpose.
When a template opens, a new document is created which you can save in your My Documents folder.  Since a new document is created, you do not need to worry about accidentally saving over the template.
Here is a video with more information about Microsoft Office Templates, please take a look....

Microsoft Office Templates

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